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Zakład Robót Górniczych Krosno Sp. z o.o.
is one of the largest Polish companies providing specialist services to oil and gas producers as well as geothermal and mineral water producers. Our services include:
workover and servicing of a well,
design and performance of well stimulation jobs,
servicing of wells with coiled tubing units,
wireline operations,
logging and hydrodynamical testing of wells,
well completion jobs,
laboratory services including geochemical and ND tests.
The origins of our company date back to the end of the 19th century when Poland's and the world's oil industries were born and the first well servicing companies were established.

Our customers benefit from the latest techniques and technological solutions as well as top-class technical equipment and highly trained and experience staff.

Zakład Robót Górniczych operates in Poland and in the neighbouring countries.


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